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Topic: Gigapulse VST

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    Gigapulse VST

    Hi team,
    Could someone please tell me whether this works as a plugin in any vst compatible DAW, or will it only work as native to Gigastudio?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Gigapulse VST

    Yes, GigaPulse VST is a VST plugin for any VST-compatible DAW.

    GigaPulse Pro is the feature included in GS3 Orchestra. GigaPulse SP is the feature included in GS3 Solo and Ensemble. I believe that GigaPulse SP (or equivalent) is included in GVI.

    GVI is a GigaStudio VSTi plugin for any VSTi-compatible DAW, and should be released soon.

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    Re: Gigapulse VST

    I hope some of you are having better luck with Gigapulse than me.

    I installed it on yesterday and it worked fine. Then it decided to crash and Sonar will not open it now.

    Guess I may have to reinstall.

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    Re: Gigapulse VST

    GigaPulse VST works just fine in Cubase, even with Giga closed.

    I've used it on live-recorded audio and ACID (.wav) loop files.
    — alanb




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    Re: Gigapulse VST

    Gigapulse VST works fine on my DAW with Cubase SX 2. Even though it takes a while to load, and feels like a resourse hog, It loads fine, with no crashes yet.


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