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Topic: Want to "Jam" with Garritan Library; what else needed?

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    Post Want to "Jam" with Garritan Library; what else needed?

    Folks, I am new to this area of computer oriented music, so please bear with me on some elementary questions. After many years of neglect, I want to get back to my guitar playing, learn theory, and, eventually, write music.
    Short term, I need to set up a good environment to practice and "Jam" while I work on my chops.

    My current plan is to purchase Garritan JABB or Orchestra to create "real" sounding background music that I can play (guitar) along with on my pc. Although I could use a product such as "Band in a Box" or "Jammer" to quickly and easily create basic orchestration and background, I loathe the tinny, artificial sounds that those particular products produce. So, I'm thinking I must start with BIAB or Jammer, output to a MIDI file, then run the MIDI file into a notation program, and finally, use the notation program to "play" the output, using the Garritan Libraries.
    Is this the required approach, or is there a simpler alternative?

    I'm not clear what, exactly I will have if I start with Garritan Library. How does one play a chord sequence using the Garritan library- one note at at time, via a notation program?

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

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    Re: Want to "Jam" with Garritan Library; what else needed?

    Hi Terry,

    Depending on your personal preference, you'll need either a notation program or a sequencer to play back your midi file with GPO/JABB set as the output device.


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    Re: Want to "Jam" with Garritan Library; what else needed?

    Thanks Jeff! That will get me started.

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