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Topic: How to achieve Up Bow & Down Bow in GPO

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    Lightbulb How to achieve Up Bow & Down Bow in GPO

    I am specifically interested in knowing how I can properly articulate and up or down bow in GPO. I use the legao but I'm looking to articulate the strings correctly according to how I feel.

    I think it is possible with GOS but not GPO; and that is not good news because it seems GOS has been discontinued. If so, then how would I be able to achieve Up bow and down bow effects in the Lush or sustain string samples. I think it's cool to do it with short bows, but that's not what I'm looking for.

    I think the ability to do this, or this hidden feature, or some rigged way to do it would be not only fantastic; but it would kind of be the icing on the cake to make the strings sound more authentic. ANy help or ideas?

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    Re: How to achieve Up Bow & Down Bow in GPO

    The best way to achieve this is through layering. Load in a section sus+short in one slot of the player and a short bow KS in another slot. Set both to the same MIDI channel. The short bow can be keyswitched to auto up and down bows. Higher velocities will increase the short bow contribution. Further adjustments in balance between the short bows and sus+short can be achieved with the volume knobs for the instruments. You can also layer solo strings with these and set them for alternating bow strokes. Many layered combinations are possible that will increase the illusion of alternating bow strokes in the sustains.

    By the way, GOS and GPO are essentially the same in this respect. Alternating bow strokes were available only in the short bows and layering was the way to get a combination.


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