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Topic: NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms

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    NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms

    Hello guys,
    Finaly after 2 years of hard work!
    I would like to invite everyone to check out our first product at the summer NAMM show. It's a 2 DVD virtual instrument titled Ambience Impacts Rhythms.
    You can learn more about it and hear demo's of the intruments at out website www.samplelogic.com
    (shopping cart should be online in a week or so)
    please let me know what you guys think,
    hope to see you at the show,
    Joe Trupiano
    Sample Logic LLC

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    Re: NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms

    Looks sweet! Love the sounds, and so nice to see demos that only use the software you are selling I will definitely be getting it!

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    Re: NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms

    I agree, to make good music, talent is an important factor, but a composer is only as good as the sounds they have -- so if you like these sounds, then you will love A.I.R. Obviously, the 2 DVD plugin is not the actual compelted music tracks from the website, but the plugin provides you with the tools to make great music.

    What sets this library apart is that no other library is organized this way! With Ambiences, Impacts and Rhythms, (A.I.R.) the process of writing music is much simpler and more convenient.
    -It has been designed from the users perspective
    -It blurs the line between music and sound design
    -It goes beyond the standard convention of orchestral instruments by manipulating and developing new sonic elements.
    -it's simple to use and efficiently genre isntrument organized for fast and easy creation.
    There will be more demos to come from other musicians and compsoers that are currently reviewing the instrument. So stay tuned!
    Joe Trupiano
    Sample Logic LLC

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    Re: NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms

    Hi Joe,
    what's the price?

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    Re: NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms

    Well, I make music for two reasons: as art and as a commodity. Just going by the demos this could be a good tool for the first, and an extremely useful one for the second, where in the end following a muse comes in second to turning out something that works on a deadline.

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    Re: NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms


    Why the skepticism? Yes, the demos are well constructed, but it was the sounds I liked. As a songwriter, I have had one sound inspire a whole song I didn't know was there. I have many VI's, some I bought for one sound!

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    Re: NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms

    It sounds excellent Joe. I'll definitely be checking it out.



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    Re: NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms

    All of the A.I.R. demo tracks were created using only A.I.R. sounds! The beats/loops are extremely useful and in ample supply. The flute, trumpet, and vocal samples are breathtaking: lots of extended technique stuff that I've never found anywhere else. And the impacts are powerful as hell, guaranteed to make a director fall out of their seat.

    I've been beta-testing A.I.R. for several weeks now, and it is unlike any VI I've ever used... Yes, of course the sounds are top-notch, but more importantly, they are organized in a way that dramatically speeds up my whole process of creating. Joe's idea of organizing sounds into Ambiences Impacts and Rhythms separates this VI from any other.

    Argitoth- I think you're saying that while the A.I.R. sounds are good, you're already satisfied with the tools you currently have? (correct me if I'm wrong) If inspiration flows so easily for you, and you don't need a Sound Library, then why are you even browsing the VI section of this forum? hmm.


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    Re: NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms

    Quote Originally Posted by Argitoth
    no clue. maybe because I haven't composed a finish piece in almost half a year due to various problems. I have no idea how good of a composer I am at this point. Because I've been expirimenting with sound day in and day out and creating small doodles, I believe my sound is top quality in the electronic genre, but I can't be too sure. Life just hasn't been treating me well lately and it's very upsetting.

    But like I said, I may need different and of course my good is not always as good as your good, I may need a boost at some point.

    I understand what you're saying and agree with you to a point, but I think this library is not aimed at users like yourself, but professional composers who do not usually have the time to experiment with sound for a half year.
    For such a user a library with inspiring sounds that would take a while to create from scratch will be a real time saver, and if those sounds are also easily customized and well organized, it could prove to be an invaluable tool.

    When I'm in the middle of a typical project I simply don't have time to stop and experiment with a bunch of sounds, and it also kills the creative flow.
    I try to use the downtime between projects to create custom sounds for future use, but...the busier you get the less downtime there is.
    Thus I think just about everybody who composes music for a living will rely on 3rd party sounds to some extent.


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    Senior Member Patthoven's Avatar
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    Talking Re: NAMM: Ambience Impacts Rhythms

    Wow Joe!

    What a great addition to our ever growing arsenal super tools!

    It looks great and sounds fabulous.

    The organization is really well thought out. I admire your debut! What a splash!

    You are sure to have great success with this!!

    This was posted in another forum regarding the Kontakt 2 playback engine:

    " I've heard that library developers have the k2-player already, but it seems that they are fighting with various bugs. So it still might take some time until they release optimized k2-versions of their libraries."

    Is this true? Just curious.

    Kudos to you and A.I.R.!!!!

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