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Topic: QLSO Platinum ersatz

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    Question QLSO Platinum ersatz

    It's a quiz for QLSO Gold users.

    Use some instruments and build a nice piece.

    Record to audio track A without the release trails.
    Record to a second track B with only release trails
    Copy track B to track C and track D
    Predelay track C 10 Ms to left, reduce the volume and also bass frequencies with EQ. Narrow the width of the stereo pan.
    Predelay track D 20 MS to right, reduce the volume and also high frequencies with EQ. Enlarge the width of the stereo pan.

    Merge the four tracks... are you gonna have something close to Platinum ?


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    Re: QLSO Platinum ersatz

    Hi Serge,

    It's an interesting idea but platinum is 24 bit with 3 mics positions, not just 3 samples starting at deferent times.., + the far mic position has a longer release trails(I think) that would have to be compensate for. But I'm shure you know all this...

    They have a snare demos with the 3 mics positions of platinum that would help you make a comparison.

    Please, let us hear the results if you do.

    And thanks for sharing............ tweakhead.

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    Re: QLSO Platinum ersatz

    You're right Geronimo, thanks for reminding

    But basically, anywhere in a hall, a reverb emitted should remain identical with some different absortion level ?

    Still the length of release trails for close and far mics is the problem to solve...
    Once we have the track containing only the RT what tool could damp or expand the trails ?

    There's something interesting with having RT recorded on a different track.
    At least it gives the possibility to adjust the reverb volume differently.


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