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Topic: Instrument names in Logic

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    Instrument names in Logic

    I'm having a silly problem when using a multi connected to an instrument track running Kontakt 2. I'm not able to name the midi tracks in the arrange window in a useful way, they all say "(name) - 1" to 16, but I would like them to say things like "piano", "violin" and the like. I'm down to using icons to tell what track is what.

    Any simple solutions?

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    Re: Instrument names in Logic

    I found the answer if anyone wants to know: under Track / Create Track Name (command-N), then under Region / Track Names to Region (Shift - Option-N). I didn't realize track names were different than Audio Object Names or Instrument Names.


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    Re: Instrument names in Logic

    Hey JD,

    Thanks for that bit of information.

    BTW: Just in case you don't already know about this Logic forum, there is a wealth of information about Logic.



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    Re: Instrument names in Logic

    I looked there after posting here, and that pointed me in the direction of track names which the manual clarified. Sometimes you have to cast your net wide to catch small fish.

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