I thought about some ideas for future products.

The problem in making real sounding orchestrations with notation programs is this: Overture 4 seems to go a bit more to the sequencer side, but it doesn't seem to replace sequencer in the possibilities to make multiple players for one note line. Like if I want the 8 or more 1st violins to play the same line and then each to have separate characteristics (I know, I could use "voices" for this, but certain functionalities in ie. Overture make this a bit hard). It would be cool, if I could somehow just pass this one midi channel to a virtual string section (this is where Garritan products would come in), and the section would just play the notes as real players and not a sampler.

The next step in virtual instruments would be a virtual player instead of a sampler-machine. Each virtual player would know it's instrument and the physics of it. Player would know, how to change smoothly from certain effect to another. For example from normal to sul ponticello or sul tasto etc. If there was a midi command for that, the Garritan Virtual Musician (tm) wouldn't just jump into it, but it would do it as a real player. You could adjust certain parameters and then the player would just do the job and have it's unique style and stuff like that. So, there would be no need for _too_ detailed programming in the sequencer side, but it would be more like just giving the notes for the player and it would already know how to play it.

Now, this is where we come to the fun part. It could be just as easy as setting a counter, how many violin players I want and that would be it. I could make a good sounding violin section for 1st violin by just telling the Garritan Virtual Section(tm) how many players of each instrument there's supposed to be. You could also access each players properties separately, or just adjust one settings for all. Now, the sequencer (it could be any sequencer) could just send in the notes with symbols like pizz. etc and hairpins, and the Garritan Virtual Musicians in the Garritan Virtual Section would just play the thing.

Now this is what I would call very cool stuff. This would eliminate the need to have some sequencer ie. Cubase and make 8 duplicate tracks of the same staff and adjust them all slightly to make it sound like different players and stuff like that.

What do you think? Perfect, hä? Does this go close to what we can expect from GPO Advanced?