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Topic: Well, I bought it

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    Well, I bought it

    The insanely low price for Ensemble at Scitscat got me. Now I want the full Larry Seyers drums collection. I can't imagine needing another drum sample if you get that. After listening to various drum VSTis, I really do prefer what Gigastudio has to offer. I've been using Kompakt, but the interface has never quite been my cup of tea.

    Now the bad part. My computer is so old, the new gigs suck up its resources much more than I thought they would. Of course, with impulse reverbs used, it is understandable. I need to buy a new computer anyway, but I don't get to use my new toy as much as I had hoped.

    Anyway, I haven't tried running it simultaneously with Sonar. Before I do, I'm going to set Giga to my second sound card, and give Sonar my first (I have two M-Audio Audiophiles). I actually still have MS Outlook on the computer, but it is an old Office 98 version. Haven't had a problem yet, but we'll see. I never use it, except to look at the calendar, so I may remove it.

    Gigastudio sounds great. I decided that I'd rather get a few very good sounds, so I'm trying giga. I have Sonic Synth, Kompakt with its library. But, I think I'll enjoy having some good sounds that I can turn to every time. If I can just get a computer with the power to handle it.

    That's it for now. Thanks to all for the help in the past, including in answers to others' questions I've been able to read on the forum. Hopefully all will remain stable and I won't need tech support. I was able to get Giga 24 working well on my system, so, following the same processes, Ensemble is doing well. Look forward to that GVI upgrade too.

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    Re: Well, I bought it

    You know, it's really good to hear a success story about Giga. I just got GS3 up and running. Working on the learning curve. I had files from another version of cakewalk that I imported into Sonar 5. Now, how do I assign sounds to those notes already played? Took awhile but I finally found gold in distributive wave. I get all these tracks assigned again and I can start writing. A note of caution though about outlook. Seems I read somewhere here that it can cause all kinds of problems. Once I got rid of it mine worked better. Or was that Outlook Express? Either way, if you don't absolutely have to have it, I'd trash it. Better safe than sorry. I found a great deal on very good refurbed IBM computers. Try Tiger Direct. I got a 3ghz HT, 512 megs of ddram, 80 gig SATA drive and CDROM and a 320 watt power supply (very important) for $459.00. I added additional memory (cheaper that way) and a DVD writer for $37.00. Love it! Good luck to ya!

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    Re: Well, I bought it

    I removed Outlook to be on the safe side. The instructions that came with Gigastudio said to remove it, so, better to be safe than sorry. No mention was made in the printed materials about Outlook Express, though, in reading through old discussions, there was some question about it as well. Hopefully it's not a problem.

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