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Topic: Update RMX 1.2.1 - 1.5.1c : Problem

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    Update RMX 1.2.1 - 1.5.1c : Problem

    Hi everybody,
    I've got a problem updating to the newest version of RMX. After downloading and extracting the newest files of RMX (copied them to my Spectrasonics folder), I tried to run all four VISE installers contained in the Update folder. Everything went fine exept for the Core Library Updater, which just shows no reaction when doubleclicking it. I also tried it via Windows command, but the same thing, nothing happens, the installer just doesn't start. Also restarting didn't help. I took a look into RMX, and the version # is 1.5.1c. Now I'm not shure if the Core Library is also updated.

    What can I do about this, can anybody help? By the way, I'm running RMX on a Windows-IBM Centrino Thinkpad, power and RAM should be o.k. for this.



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    Re: Update RMX 1.2.1 - 1.5.1c : Problem

    Hi again,

    (sent the same to Spectrasonics support)

    I'm still referring to the prolem, that occurred, when I tried to upgrade from RMX 1.20e to 1.51c.
    Tried several things but couldn't install the new Core Library.

    For the moment I've found the following solution:
    I created an Alias 'Spectrasonics' folder with an included 'SAGE' folder on my other WinXP-system within the C/Programs direction.
    Then I copied the VISE-Installer for the Core Library Update over there and installed it into this Alias folder, which worked flawlessly.
    Then I transferred all the installed stuff back to the system, I want to to use it on, and copied it into the appropriate directions of the 'real' Spectrasonics folder.

    Now RMX is completely updated. Anyway, there is still a somewhat bad feeling remaining. What about the next update? Will I get the same trouble again?
    It's definitely a problem of my Win XP Pro-Laptop, RMX is running on. But I cannot put my finger on it. Well, for now I'm going to enjoy this fabulous software.

    Nevertheless, any idea about this trouble is highly appreciated.


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