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Topic: Best synth sample library

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    Best synth sample libraries

    In your opinion, what´s the best sample libraries with synth sounds that I can use with Kontakt2?

    - standard kontakt nki format or some format (akai etc) that I can convert to K2 nicely from
    - the samples mustn´t be locked into a program, ie no VST-instruments or Kompakt libraries, I want the freedom to move around the samples anyway I like on my computer
    - quality sampling, for example the samples should be optimized to not use up more memory than necessary
    - different velocity layers for the sounds appreciated
    - analog or modern synths doesn´t matter, but they must sound cool


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    Re: Best synth sample library

    Why not just get a hardware synth with actual knobs you can turn rather than be locked into samples that will always sound the same?

    But Colossus has some morphing analog synth sounds that are pretty cool.

    There is Reactor, from Native Instruments, but I have never tired it so I can't say what it's capable of or it's limitations. Although I understand you can build instruments with it so that may be worth a look.

    I think just about any sounds worth having will either come from a VST or locked in library so if you don't want that I fall back to my original suggestion of the hardware synth.

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    Re: Best synth sample library

    I have a hardware synth and I have VST-instruments, so I know what it´s like. I´ve realised that I´m a composer, not a knob tweaker. I just want nice sounds and I want the freedom of using the samples anyway I like in my computer. Kontakt2 is very flexible anyway, so with good sounding synth samples I would get far enough.

    BUT let´s not make this a sample vs VSTinstrument vs hardware thread! I asked for nice synth sample libraries, please give me some tips if you like.

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    Re: Best synth sample library

    The best wouldn't be a sample library at all... but if you like cool, try SonicCouture's Abstrakt Vol 1 - a nice collection of fairly unusual sounding patches for Kontakt 2. Some nice scripts too. and they now come skinned... they look really nice, have some great tweak parameters, and you can still break them down into their individual components. Great programming, and great sounding patches out of the box (or CD case). http://www.soniccouture.com/

    Synth's are still often best done by synths, whether they be software or hardware based.

    Is there any reason you're locked into the idea that the sounds must come from a sampler?

    NI's Absynth is a very powerful VSTi if you don't like the idea of many synths (ala Reaktor). It can use samples as well as pure waveforms. I guess you could import their raw samples into Kontakt too if you wanted to, but as an incredibly powerful synth, it would probably be best just to use Absynth.

    Another, if you're not especially locked into the idea of running from a sampler would be Korg's Legacy collection. Never tried it because its too expensive for me, but it gets good reviews.

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    Re: Best synth sample library

    Quote Originally Posted by dabbler
    Another, if you're not especially locked into the idea of running from a sampler would be Korg's Legacy collection. Never tried it because its too expensive for me, but it gets good reviews.
    It's much cheaper these days and very good value.

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    Re: Best synth sample library

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    Have you seen NI's Kore interface/shell? It was just recently released, and a few bugs are being squashed, but it's incredible. It would be just the ticket for a person who wasn't a knob twister. It has a library function where you can specify the kind(s) of sound(s) you're looking for using certain descriptors. Then, the librarian searched and shows you all the options the meet the criteria. From that point, you click on the sound you want to use, and you're off and running.
    I was thinking NI Komplete/Kore also.. it has something like 13,000 presets and like Lee said it has an interface for finding sounds that doesn't just sort by instrument/sound, but by music type and other factors.

    The only thing is that if you check the NI forums right now there are still a lot of people having big issues with Kore. This seems like par for the course with NI, let the customers do the real beta testing.. but just like with Kontakt I'm sure they'll get the bugs worked out eventually.

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    Re: Best synth sample library

    Look after EastWest's VAPOR - it's nice and cheap....

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    Re: Best synth sample library

    Although I haven't used any products from Hollowsun, the name has some recognition and reputation value. The reviews seems complimentary.


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    Re: Best synth sample library

    If your looking for VST's that aren't "samples" but actual instruments, two of my faves are, Atmosphere and CronoX by Linplug. Also check out Absynth, Albino3, Cameleon, Vapor, FM7, Ultrafocus, etc. In terms of strictly samples I think ilio has a few libraries like Digital Boy that are in the old Akai format and should work with Kontakt or halion. Synth samples seem to be disappearing these days as more and more powerful softsynths are being introduced.

    Do buy atmosphere, it still holds up incredibly well. Eric Persing has an uncanny knack for developing a beautiful, useable preset.

    Good Luck,

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