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Topic: First GPO

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    First GPO


    I'd like to introduce myself and to present my first piece in GPO.


    There are also two Jazz-like pieces:

    Small ensemble: http://rednosepress.de/MP3/School%27s%20out.mp3

    And a Blues: http://rednosepress.de/MP3/Ich%20bin%20zu%20einsam.mp3


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    Re: First GPO

    A good start Locis, sounds like you were having fun with it. Enjoyed the the "School's Out' piece too.
    Although people often put on too much, I thought the GPO piece would have benefited from a touch of reverb. Sounded quite dry to me. Also with a little more care the you can get the samples sounding much more expressive. What sequencing software did you use?

    Keep em coming


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    Re: First GPO

    Thanks for the warm words. Excuse please my bad English. I learned it not well in school... .

    The reverb is an extra theme. I tried some and find, it was too much. But you are right, it have to be more, I should experiment with it. The next will be better.


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    Senior Member Styxx's Avatar
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    Re: First GPO

    And a nice big warm welcome Locis! Very nice I particularly like your handling of the woodwinds and percussion. A bit of reverb will be a extra nice touch I concur.
    Always enjoy first pieces with GPO and meeting new inspiring musicians! Keep up the excellent work and please post more!

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    Re: First GPO

    Thank you, Styxx, I should now learn more about my Library. To do so, I want to realize some classic Music from Beethoven and Prokofieff. When I find, I control my instrument, I'll write a new piece.


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    Re: First GPO

    Welcome, Locis!

    We are glad to have you with us.

    Very good writing in *both* of these pieces. I much enjoyed
    listening to them.

    Locis, the "sound treatment" (the reverb) -- this you will learn
    quickly enough as you experiment. We all have difficulty with
    this at first (my first piece sounded like it was played in a
    football stadium... lol).

    Come back soon with more!

    All my best,


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    Senior Member Leaf's Avatar
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    Re: First GPO


    Very nice, I enjoyed all of it but particularly the Clarinet part, beautiful. Looking forward to hearing more.

    I also liked School's Out, and loved Ich bin zu einsam.


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    Re: First GPO

    Thankyou, etLux for listening and your advice. I think, I have now a solution for my reverb-problem: I play the Music into the reverb and don't try to change the reverb after I write the music.


    @ Leaf: I like the clarinetpart, too. Is a little bit inspired by Mozarts Clarinetto Concert.


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    Re: First GPO


    Good writing. I especially enjoyed the Ich bin zu einsam. It has a sound very much like a detective movie of the 1930's. You will have much fun using GPO on other works that you have as well.



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