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Topic: Pricing for Ringtones

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    Pricing for Ringtones

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    I may be having do write several unique ringtones for a company, but I have no idea how to price these out. Has anyone written for ringtones, and if you would feel comfortable sharing, what would be a fair price per ringtone (given multiples ones will be written) thank you so much in advance.

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    Re: Pricing for Ringtones

    Haven't written any ring tones... and this might be more misleading than anything else, but an old industrial video price might be something like:

    Single license, 30 seconds, 750. US. (+production)

    I'll be interested to see what anyone else might have and please do ask around and get a sense of your particular market at this time. It can vary quite a bit.

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    Re: Pricing for Ringtones

    How do you write a ringtone? Is it just a midi file? Or audio formatted as MP3?

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    Re: Pricing for Ringtones

    I belive this project will be mp3's. Music and some very little sound fx as well incorporated into the music.

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