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Topic: Tyr, God of Heroes: The Binding of Fenrir

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    Tyr, God of Heroes: The Binding of Fenrir

    Not unlike the last one I posted (The Eleven Drummer), this one is a short tone-poem of sorts based on a story in Norse mythology I found very interesting. It really drummed up some great mental images for me. Hopefully I was able to tell the story.

    In short, the story is as follows: Tyr, son of Odin, is the God of War, Valor and Heroes. Using a magical ribbon, Tyr traps an evil wolf, Fenrir, son of Loki the God of Fire, and sacrifices his right hand so the wolf could be bound. Because of his sacrifice he is considered the bravest of the gods.


    I'm particularly proud of the wolf barks made by the french horns throughout. I don't know how original or effective they are, but I get a kick out of them. Just goes to show how versitile the samples are. I'm still not quite sure about the ending, but it portrays the overall idea I had. Maybe this will be yet another piece I'll go back to and revise when I get the time. For now it's short and sweet. Hope you enjoy.

    Btw, this piece was composed entirely with the Finale '06 GPO bundle.

    If you have any constructive criticisms I would love to hear them.



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    Re: Tyr, God of Heroes: The Binding of Fenrir

    Well if you were going for something dramatic you have certainly acheived it. Nice work Chris. I especially like the pause in the middle and the spiky hits that follow it...nice little break in the action, works really well.
    I think an ending like this is difficult to get right with a short piece. You want a triumphant major key finish but you've only got a short amount of time before the represent the struggle that leads to the hero's triumph. Still, I think you pull it off very well.
    Anyway, very nice stuff and certainly envokes the whole norse legend thing for me


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    Re: Tyr, God of Heroes: The Binding of Fenrir

    Excellent job on this, Chris!

    Powerful, highly effective writing... and very strong use of the orchestra.

    I would be interested to see score on this if you have it available.

    All my best,


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    Re: Tyr, God of Heroes: The Binding of Fenrir

    Very nice work on this, great orchestration and rendering! The french horn barks are effective when the story is known. This piece has a great action feel to it which I think can be sometimes difficult to achieve. Well done!
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    Re: Tyr, God of Heroes: The Binding of Fenrir


    I like the opening, nice strong theme and good follow on from that point out. It is amazing what can be done with notation alone like Finale and GPO and a whole lot of creativity.



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    Re: Tyr, God of Heroes: The Binding of Fenrir

    Nice piece, Chris ( I am a sucker for old Norse Legends. )

    Very Lively orchestration, and a nice pacing to the narrative elements.

    Though the Brass and Percussion fare rather well from a notation only approach, the strings do less well it seems.

    Still, this piece comes across, with great excitement.

    Well Done.

    regards Joe

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