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Topic: Summer Fun

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    Summer Fun

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    Has anyone been on one of these or heard about all of the broken necks/backs that have resulted?


    Recently, a friend broke her neck and back when falling off one. Many people, of course, are blaming the company. Quite ridiculous I think.

    It doesn't take a pilot to realize that flying 20 feet off the water while going 35 mph is dangerous, especially with such limited control.

    Are we next going to ask the government to ban skiing, snowboarding, surfing, etc. in order to "protect us" from our own stupidity?

    I can pretty much guarantee that in most of these accidents, alcohol was involved, and that people (including the boat driver) just got braver and braver and wanted to go higher and faster, alcohol or not.

    I guess I'm not so much as trying to start a debate as I am just to try to find out if anyone has been on one of these.
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: Summer Fun

    Gravity is a bitch and speed kills.

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    Re: Summer Fun

    Quote Originally Posted by js33
    Gravity is a bitch and speed kills.
    Speed is fine. But watch out for deceleration!

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    Re: Summer Fun

    Well it's not even deceleration. It's that sudden stop at the end.

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    Re: Summer Fun

    Technically that should could as decelerating.

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    Re: Summer Fun

    Using vehicles to tow launch hang gliders is a common practice today, but naturally there are a few things you should know and certain equipment you should have before trying it.
    With every mode of flight, deaths and injuries are few at first because few are participating. Casualties rise quickly, then level off and decline as people learn from mistakes. Hang gliding's curve took at lot less time to reach maturity than that of powered airplanes, largely because the hang gliding world could borrow the existing aviation safety knowledge, but it still took time.

    I know very little about round kites, and nothing about this one, but I can make a few guesses: there was no weak link, and the person in the boat didn't have a rope tension gauge. A broken rope probably meant very rapid descent, though at low forward speed. An unbroken rope and excessive airspeed probably meant a sideways arc into the water at high speed. The unhelmeted pilot in the picture and the look of the craft tell me these people knew nothing of aviation. Danimal may be right about the presence of alcohol, but in this case sober ignorance may have been just as dangerous.
    Perhaps I'm too harsh. It was described as an extreme sport. Riding a towed kite is safe enough for untrained tourists when done correctly, so the ignorance is necessary to get the extreme part.

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    Re: Summer Fun

    One of the major problems is that there isn't any kind of control as there is in a hang glider or paraglider or whatever (which I would love to try some day). The kite tube has virtually no lateral control (the longitudinal axis). It will just roll one way or the other. And then one finds oneself upside down, not hooked in to anything.
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: Summer Fun

    If you try hang gliding, you won't feel like a pilot. You'll feel like you can fly.

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    Re: Summer Fun

    Quote Originally Posted by tgfoo
    Technically that should could as decelerating.
    No, technically decelerating is to slow down not stop.

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