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Topic: Registering & Update File

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    Registering & Update File

    This is odd, but, when I go to the NI website tio register Stradivari as a new product, it keeps telling me "invalid serial number". I have triple checked and re-entered the serial number on the inside of the Strad case and everytime, it comes up invalid. I am matching the case letters (nd even tried it lower case) as it is in the product case.

    Also, I was able to download the update and what am I to do with this? I place it in the main Strad folder on my HD and it sits beside the old v1.06.nki file. Should I nuke the ".06" file? If its an update, why doesn't it replace the previous version?



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    Re: Registering & Update File

    I don't think you are supposed to register the Stradivari with NI. I never did, and it never gave me any problems.

    You put the update, Stradivari v1.0.7, in the Stradivari folder and use it instead of v1.0.6. I guess you can nuke it if you like.

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    Re: Registering & Update File

    There is no registration for the Solo Strad. It does not use the NI Kontakt player. In the future it will be bundles with the Kontakt 2 player and then you'll need to register that version with NI.


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