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Topic: Misty's theme: Another and Death track

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    Question Misty's theme: Another and Death track

    I also used David's ideas on setting reverb on this track as well as on the Main theme...

    Misty's Theme

    Well here is the 2nd theme that I am working on for the film, and Death... this one is for the succubus, Misty. Not a very scary name, but I did not write the script! LOL I guess the name is to lull you into accepting her offer! That being said, this is intentionally short, because the director says that he will be cutting it short when she arrives in her first scene...this music will be the mood setter for her eminent arrival.

    Working on this score is a real challenge for me...trying to capture a mood, but still trying to satisfy myself musically.

    Let me know what you all think of both tracks, please.

    Anyway enjoy,

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Misty's theme: Another and Death track

    Your work gets stronger with each post, Paul.

    On this one, I might suggest perhaps a little
    more contrapuntal motion in the lower part to
    carry forward impetus, rhythmically. Just a
    touch... given the scenario, I think maybe you
    don't want this to suddenly skyrocket off into
    a romp -- which this theme could easily handle.



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    Re: Misty's theme: Another and Death track


    That is a good idea about the lower part... I will have to be careful about the forward motion. The director wanted slow and dark for the scene. However, I have to agree that it needs something more going on in there. I will have to experiment. Of course, the later reprisal of the theme could have a lot more tension and impetus.

    Thank you again for all the advise and ideas. You are truly a gift to this forum.


    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Misty's theme: Another and Death track

    Thanks for the kind words, Paul.

    You'd be surprised what the addition of just a handful
    of notes in that lower part can do... but go tenderly.

    Look for spots where the both parts are simultaneously
    sustained... and think about whether you really want
    the forward momentum to hold or not at those points.

    Easy does, though, as I said... as you point out, you
    have a script with which to contend in this... and "later"
    is likely the time to become more adventuresome in
    exploring the possibilities the thematic material implies.

    As a general rule, even in absolute music, kicking off
    development too early is just as unwieldy as starting
    into it too late.



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