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Topic: come to my show.

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    come to my show.

    hi everyone, i just wanted to let you all know about an upcoming performance. I will be using GPO live along with several other musicians in a multimedia show at the New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater in new york. If you're in new york on july 27th and are looking for something to do, I think it will be an interesting evening. here's a blurb about the show from the festival's website:

    Series: Scanners: The 2006 New York Video Festival [July 26 – 30 2006]
    Country: USA, Runtime: 90
    Julia Heyward performs elements from Miracles in Reverse, an imaginative self-portrait in the form of an interactive audio-visual album merging multimedia, performance, and music. With over seventy-five scenes, Miracles is a poetic study of childhood trauma. The work breaks down and makes music out of the vicious cycles of trauma. How we survive, distort, store, access and replay the memories gets equal time in this life's reflection. The evening also includes work-in-progress versions of parts two and three — Points of View and The Gabriel Frequency — which form a tryptich, entitled Nothing Random Access Memory, with Miracles. All parts of the triptych deal with trauma and memory — some from a local perspective, others from a global perspective. Heyward performs with musicians/collaborators Greg Smith(ME), Mike Barron, Michael Kott, and Collier Hyams.

    tickets are only $10 and can probably be purchased at the door but can also be ordered here: https://tickets.filmlinc.com/php/cal...=&cmode=0&org=
    (scroll to the bottom)

    I will be playing my alesis fusion hooked up to my G4 powerbook with GPO running through cubase. The music is quite unique, i think. it's sort of a combination between electronic folk and cinematic dreaminess, with some tribal sounding percussion and atonal noodling thrown in as well. it's highly structured but my parts always end up being improvised, so i hope it comes out alright.
    anyway, i hope some of you can make it, and maybe we can meet up after the show. (i'm the one with the keyboard)
    hope to see you there,

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    Sounds exciting! Allow me to be the first to wish you the best of success with your performance! "Break a leg"!

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    Re: come to my show.

    thanks styxx,
    this is my first time playing keys live. i'm not nervous yet, but i will be. i just hope my finger still work when i do get nervous.

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    Re: come to my show.

    Not for the first time, I wish I lived near (not in) New York! Well, I can't attend, but the show sounds fascinating. I wish you good luck.
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Congratulations on your multimedia show at the New York Video Festival. The Walter Read Theatre is an excellent venue.

    Sounds like it will be a fascinating event! I urge any member who happens to be in New York on July 27th to attend.

    Thanks for letting us know about the performance and I will be sure to let my friends in New York know. I hope you'll record it.

    Wishing you all the best for a most successful event.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: come to my show.

    thanks Gary,
    i'm sure the show will be recorded, i'm just wondering if i'll need to get permission from the festival to post it. but i deffinitely will if i can.
    I must say tha GPO is quite a unique instrument for live applications. I'm using layerd woodwinds for some haunting melody lines, and its sounding great. i'm also using JABB's KS trombone (thanks to you). the muted trombone is very expressive.

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    Re: come to my show.

    Many congratulations and good luck on the show, Greg!

    My best,


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