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Topic: Gofriller Cello and it's maker.

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    Gofriller Cello and it's maker.

    No, the Thriller Cello was an attempt by you know who (M.J.) at instrument making but he decided to stick to zoology instead.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Mateo Gofriller (also Matteo Gofriller) was a renowned 18th century Italian cello maker. He was one the greatest cello makers of the Venetian School of violin makers. Gofriller's instruments are highly sought after and are a preferred instrument for accomplished cellists. Pablo Casals had a Gofriller that was his main concert instrument. This use of this instrument has been awarded to the winner of the International Pablo Casals Cello Competition. [1]
    Mateo Gofriller's brother, Francesco Gofriller (1692 - c. 1740) was also a cello maker.
    Gofriller was virtually unknown until the 20th century. His cellos have been attributed to Guarneri, Bergonzi, and even Stradivari. In the 1920s, his instruments began to be identified. The earliest of his instruments that has been identified is a viola de gamba dated to 1689. Pablo Casals' Gofriller was originally attributed to Bergonzi.

    I never knew that!

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    Re: Gofriller Cello and it's maker.

    Due to a mistranslation by a Japanese music merchant this monster cello became known as Godziller cello. The cello fell out of vogue but spawned a series of films.

    Seriously, the Gofriller cellos have a golden tone. To hear one in concert is quite an experience!

    The Gofriller Cello we sampled was built circa 1705.

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