Strange things.
I use Mozart Notation.
It outputs all 16 channels to one port.
Never mind (we are in discussion how to make it better for Garritan)

It is a piece of four Woodwinds, each instrument on his own channel.
I thought when using the Virtual Midi Cable as output I could run the Stand-alone version. Doing so, Garritan Stand Alone says (in fact Windows XP PRO) that the program collapsed and wants to send out an errorreport.

The same setup, but now without output to/with Virtual Cables, I used as output of the midi stream GPO Studio 1. In fact it is under a shell the same as stand-alone. No complaints of Windows and everything is running smoothly.

Yes, I set the instruments, each at his place. Channel 1 in Studio = channel 1 in Mozart and so on.

I can do without the free standing version (in this particular case) but it is strange.