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Topic: Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

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    Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

    I'm about to buy a new computer, I really need one and I finally have a decent amount of cash saved up, the only one I can afford which is decent that I'm looking at right now is a 3.8Ghz dual core with 1gb of ram, which I guess will sustain me for a while. However I'm also seeing a 4.2 ghz with 2 gb of ram, more disk space, better video, etc, for the same price, except it is refurbished. I am really tempted to go with this more powerful machine.

    Anyways, it is worth it to get a refurbished desktop or should I pass?

    ps the refurbished pcs and normal pcs are from tigerdirect.ca, where im buying from

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    Re: Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

    Dell refurbs are awesome! They are super clean when they arrive. It is near impossible to tell they are not brand new. You can save big as well.

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    Re: Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

    Those Refurb Dells are priced very high. I spend part of my day perusing Fatwallet.com's Hot Deals forum. Do a search for Dell and you will see many deals that are 1/2 the price of a similarly powered refurb Dell.

    The biggest problem I have with Dell is their proprietary bios and the bundled software that boggs the computer down. I am also not a fan of on board video as it often shares resources (memory).

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    Re: Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

    Well, the computer I'm looking at is from tiger direct, not Dell, and I could always get a seperate video card, right? It's and AMD 4200 with 2GB ram, 2 dvd, and 320gb hard drive for less then $900..

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    Re: Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

    *cough* You may want check out their reseller rating at Tiger Direct - Reseller Ratings.

    They have had a reputation over the years of being weak on both rebates and returns. Their prices are great, but similar deals can be found at more reliable vendors.

    Note: Tiger Direct also owns Global Computing.

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    Re: Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

    Are there lots of complaints about their actual products that they ship?

    I'm kind of partial to them since I live right beside their location.

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    Re: Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

    Tiger Direct sells similar products to everyone else. Their Systemax brand isn't any worse than any other budget brand. The parts are not optimal just affordable. I don't think Systemax is using any proprietary products in their PC's and the quality should be comparable to other full machine manufacturers.

    I just question whether anyone would want to roll the dice on a purchase from Tiger Direct. Especially considering it is refurbished.

    You sound as if you have done some research. Would you consider building one yourself? Relatively simple assembly, you can control the quality of each individual part and you chose the price point.

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    Re: Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

    Check out http://www.cyberpowersystem.com Have some nice pc's that you can configure and typically cheap as well. Just don't buy ram from them, get ram from pricewatch.com

    Sean Beeson

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    Re: Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

    Yeah, I've done research, but only on what kind of machine parts I'd like and which products I can get which have most of the specs I want. I'd never consider building my own because I am not a technical person, wouldn't even know where to start, and even if I read some tutorials would still botch it up, even worse then buying a refurbished computer.

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    Re: Some opinions on refurbished PCs....

    I'm also about to purchase a new computer. However, if you have noticed recent news Intel will have their new generation of CPU avaliable within the following months. Conroe Core 2 Duo, which has a much more effectiveness, faster and cooler than AMD and its old ineffective pentium D (the one youre going to buy?). And pent D will fade out before 2007 once C2D get avaliable. I'm also wait and see for the new generation come out other than buying an old generation computer in this very moment.

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