Dear Gary, Giorgio and to all the developers of this product.

I am truly awed and humbled.

I am a hardened veteran in the gladiatorial arena of sample libraries. I have brandished many of the finest software tools and instruments that have appeared over the years. As a registered user of the Garritan orchestral strings collection I have enjoyed the high-quality samples you have supplied us in the past. But I was totally unprepared for this instrument.

After playing this instrument for the last two days I am completely awed and moved by it. The complexity of the programming results in remarkable ease of use and transparency. I cannot believe how little effort it takes to produce beautiful, sensitive, exquisite results. My deadlines are converging but I cannot tear myself away from this joyous experience!

Gary, this is a tool that is truly a labor of love and dedication and true musical understanding. I am truly grateful that there are those like you and your team who are willing to undertake ventures such as these, to capture something truly beautiful and powerful and above all ACCESSIBLE to the average musician. I can only wait eagerly for more instruments in this vein! The future of software instruments is becoming revolutionized as we write these words.

God bless you and your team and please keep up the fantastic work.


>David Lawrence
>1010 Clearwater Road
>Sikeston, Missouri.