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Topic: Problems with instrument volume levels changing in Kontakt 2

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    Problems with instrument volume levels changing in Kontakt 2


    I'm using Cubase SX 3.0.2 build 623 and Kontakt In Kontakt , I have a problem with the db levels of instruments changing unprovoked. For example: I'll drag and drop a snare sample onto the instrument rack. By default, the gain level of that instrument is -6db. In the MIDI automation section (under the "Auto" tab on the left browser window) in Kontakt, I'll drag and drop say, MIDI CC#15 to control the tuning of the snare sample in the instrument rack. I've done this for multiple instruments (I drug a bass drum sample, a high hat sample, etc, into the instrument rack, and gave the tuning of each of these a different MIDI CC, from 15 to 18). I then compose most of my song. At some point, for no apparent reason, Kontakt starts making the db level of every instrument that has the "read automation" enabled (on the MIDI channel that controls the instrument in Cubase SX) -12.2 db instead of -6db (on the volume fader assigned to the instrument in Kontakt itself, not on the VST channel in Cubase SX or elsewhere). If I go into Kontakt and manually adjust the db level of the affected instruments back to -6 db, as soon as I start playing the song again in Cubase, they jump right back down to -12.2 db. This only happens to a given instrument when the automation is enabled from withn Cubase on the MIDI channel that controls that instrument. You would think that I have some sort of other, volume oriented automation written that would alter the volume level on the track, but I don't. If I select "show used automation for all tracks" in Cubase SX, the only automation lanes that appear are the exact ones that I've been writing to this entire time, each of which are assigned to specific MIDI CC#s that I've assigned Kontakt to control the tuning on a given instrument. There is no other automation data in use in Kontakt except for that data. This began happening suddenly about three fourths of the way through the tune I'm working on, so it hasn't been doing this the entire time.

    This has happened to me before, on a smaller scale, with individual instruments within Kontakt, and without the use of automation (where suddenly the db level of an instrument drops to -12.2 or thereabouts db for no reason). I usually have to go in and adjust the db levels back to their original -6db but this time they keep jumping back to -12.2 every time I play the track with the automation enabled on that instrument. I've tried loading another instance of Kontakt and reloading all the instruments, and assigning them to be controlled by the same MIDI note / CC automation data from within Cubase SX, and it does the same thing, which leads me to believe that there's some sort of odd automation data that's been written that I don't know about, but at the same time, I don't see how. I've confirmed that the Volume automation lames on all MIDI channels going to Kontakt are neutral (i.e. they have no data written to them).

    Has anyone experienced this before? What on Earth could be causing this? It looks to me like it's a glitch (especially since this has happened to me before without the use of automation) but I can't find any information about it on the web and I've asked around, and no one else has even heard of this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Problems with instrument volume levels changing in Kontakt 2

    in the new patch, there is a new instrument option available, under Controller tab: Midi Controller #7 (Volume) Range

    we were not able to change it before, and it was by default -inf...0dB
    Now we can change it, but by default it is at -inf...-6dB

    A lot of people is complaining cause it messes all previous templates, and it's not a global option, so you have to change it individually for all instruments

    From NI they say they'll fix it in the next patch :/

    This is the thread at NI forums

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