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Topic: Kontakt update for intel macs

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    Kontakt update for intel macs

    will the kontakt player that comes with Finale be updated by "Native Instruments" company, "Finale 2007", or "Garritan JABB"?


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    Re: Kontakt update for intel macs

    Native Instruments

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    Re: Kontakt update for intel macs

    sorry, but that's how I ended up here, Native is telling their users to ask the developers of third party plugins/sample libraries that use the Kontakt player, to contact those developers...

    so here I am, asking again: will there be a UB update for GPO anytime soon?

    thank you!


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    Re: Kontakt update for intel macs

    The Kontakt Player 2 has been developed by Native Instruments, it is their property, so all updates to it, incl. the UB update, is NI's responsibility.

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    Re: Kontakt update for intel macs

    Now that the K2 player is available to us (and moving quickly through some inevitable new-product bug fixes) we are continuing the process of porting over both GPO and JABB. Keep in mind though, we are not just doing a straight port to the new player - we are incorporating updates as well. This is being pursued simultaneously with the development of several new products so . . . we're not sure exactly when the K2 versions will be finished, tested, and released. Rest assured it will be as soon as possible.


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