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Topic: Giga S-Converter

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    Giga S-Converter

    I'm aware that there are 3rd party apps that tranlate to GS files.

    I'm looking to get some feedback on how the built in GS S-Converter works.

    literally,. how does one use the converter ?



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    Re: Giga S-Converter

    It doesn't work. I have many Akai discs and have tried every option till I got tired of trying. 3rd party solution is the answer. I have read here on some sucsesses, but I had to call another company 4 help as Tascam tried to tell me that my 100% live performance rig is the problem. Don't expect much help on this issue unless you call Chickensys, as they are very glad that Tascam can't make it work. What did work is that I bought this product, and in that endeavor they were sucsessful. Just call Chickensys and ask how many GS3 buyers they have sold to. I honestly think Tascam owns them too. I also bought Nomad Factory's Blue Tubes VST FX, they also have trouble working. But hey as long as it plays samples without any trouble, that's what it is for. Don't expect this product to work as advertised. Only Gigapulse, and sample playback features are stable for me. But that is it. All the other adveretised " new features " are bogus. I still use 160 2.54, and it works great. So does GS3 as long as you don't expect any thing else to function.

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