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Topic: Acoustic kit search

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    Acoustic kit search

    I'm looking for a great acoustic kit. I already have more than one drum source for acoustic (many one shots libraries, GA, etc) but all are falling short for me for an acoustic kit. I have what seemed to be great one shots I've compiled as kits in my sampler, but as a kit, it still is not punchy, vibrant enough. I don't want to have to throw on compressors etc. I just want a great sounding kit out of the box, and if I want to further tweak I can. I hate to think of how many things I've bought and yet I'm still looking.

    I have RMX and love it for things I use it for, but don't have Backbeat.

    DFH will probably be too much for my humble dual G4, but maybe EZ Drummer? I am short of their minimum though (I have an 867 where they say minimum 1 Ghz).

    So my choices:
    EZ Drummer
    RM IV
    Great sample library

    Having a place to store my other midi files would be nice, but having the dials to tweak the sounds would also be nice. I want easy track building. As it is, I never use the loops I bought because they are never exactly what I'm wanting for the track, so I always end up creating them myself with midi; this way I get the beats I want but I fall short with the kits to play them with. I want full, but not heavy metal full, but I want variety for rock pop, current sounds, and for country too.

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    Re: Acoustic kit search

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    Re: Acoustic kit search

    u sure u're not confusing the system requirements for pc with requirements for mac? because a G4 should be just fine for playing these instruments-- dfhs only requires a g3, and your computer even exceeds the recommended requirements for dfhs-- so u should be fine with bfd or dfhs, unless i am much mistaken

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    Re: Acoustic kit search

    I like EZdrummer a lot, for the purposes you describe, good-sounding pop kit out of the box. I'm using it with a drumkat. You could check with Toontrack about compatibility with your rig... I did and they responded pretty quickly.


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    Re: Acoustic kit search

    One question about EZdrummer:

    The rhythms in stylus are great, but sometimes I'd wish a more realistic and less processed sound. So I wonder if it's possible to play the Stylus-rhythms on EZdrummer instruments.

    Are the midi files I create in Stylus able to trigger the corresponding instruments in EZdrummer?


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    Re: Acoustic kit search

    I'm not familiar with Stylus. The basic sounds of EZd are general midi compatible (i.e. there's a kick on the C two octaves below middle C, snare on the D, hats on F#, Ab, Bb etc) but there are other articulations (cymbal chokes for example) mapped to other keys that are not in the general midi spec. Might take some tweaking of the midi files to do what you want.

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    Re: Acoustic kit search

    Quote Originally Posted by pirx
    One question about EZdrummer:

    The rhythms in stylus are great, but sometimes I'd wish a more realistic and less processed sound. So I wonder if it's possible to play the Stylus-rhythms on EZdrummer instruments.

    Are the midi files I create in Stylus able to trigger the corresponding instruments in EZdrummer?

    I have all the sage expanders for RMX,. I'd say the most raw unprocessed would have to be RETRO FUNK.
    Even though you technically could assign a different drum module to the RMX grooves.
    It would not translate like the performance you hear in RMX, because all the little snare drags and intricacies of the real drummer who played the RMX loops really can't be mapped well by another drum source.
    Not to mention the extreme amount of work this would take to attempt, your end result won't be the same, I've tried.

    You could use the RMX loop you like to "groove quantize" though.
    I've done this pretty well in Nuendo/Cubase.
    The RMX loop can be used as a midi quantize map for your other sound
    source, I've had some good results with this-

    Here's a little jam featuring Retro Funk and Trilogy & Atmosphere btw:
    bad mix
    but not a very processed drum sound, I dont think ?can't remember I did it a while ago. too much verb overall maybe,.?

    hope you dig!


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    Re: Acoustic kit search

    Nice job, Peter. Definitely a different flavor drums than core RMX.

    Anyone with DrumCore, I'd like to know what you think between that and EZD. I like the fact that DrumCore has the different drummers, more styles included without xpanders, and midi/audio librarian features for the included content and for my own. That would be nice. Sound quality between the two?

    I'm wondering though: the fact that DrumCore offers audio loops as well as the corresponding midi file, that in DC there would be a nice human touch present; whereas since EZ is relying on the playback of a midi file, albeit a well-programmed/played file, that touch would be lacking. I'm talking about different feel/sound to, let's say, the snare hits as a real drummer would do as he plays, not just a note velocity change as it would be in midi.

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    Re: Acoustic kit search

    I've got RMX just two weeks ago, love it so far, and still find my way through all possibilities, figuring out, which method works best for me.

    So I think, EZdrummer for RMX rhythms doesn't seem to be the right approach. I better try to find the way within RMX. I've got Backbeat, Liquid Grooves and Metamorphosis so far. Backbeat e.g. has some good fills and a quite good sound overall, but the fills have no 'integrated' cymbals (as far as I've seen yet) which sounds somewhat strange to my ears. A Suite should have at least one or two fill-elements with cymbal hits, since a fill is often played with a cymbal hit. I have to add them manually using the Soundmenus or in Kit mode. Am I missing something?

    Peter: would be interesting for me to know how you made the drums on that wonderful 'Getaway' sound the way they do. Especially the cymbals: are these part of the fills (in Retro Funk) or do they come from other sources like the Soundmenu?



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    Re: Acoustic kit search

    I'm guessing here, but expanding the REX concept much farther is what RMX is doing.
    that said, slicing doesn't work well with sustained tones, i.e. cymbals,
    which is why,.. and again I'm guessing, there aren't many cymbals in the loops.

    Also, if you think about it. with cymbals in a loop,.. the cymbal would crash the same every 4 beats or 8, depending on the loop length, that'd be way too predictable not to mention non realistic, ya know?
    As much as drummers love their cymbals,... I've never played with a drummer that crashes in exactly the same place every 4 or 8 beats
    LOL !
    but maybe thats just my taste ?

    I used the sound menus for cymbals, "Hi Fi cymbals", sounds great and has all the ride and crash sounds you could ask for.



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