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Topic: "Campfire Stories", a song for a game

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    "Campfire Stories", a song for a game

    I am making the background music for a tactical roleplaying game (which is in its early stages of development). It's just a fun project that we do in our spare time, but it motivates me to compose.


    When I made this song, I was imagining a group of mercenaries escorting a merchant and his caravan through a dense forest. They're bored and have been walking for some time, and they start telling each other stories and jokes to pass the time while walking.

    This is also the first time I've used Key Switching effectively :P

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    Re: "Campfire Stories", a song for a game

    Sounds good! I like this piece. Originally, easy, realistic. Good job.

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    Re: "Campfire Stories", a song for a game

    Dummyplug, the percussion in this is reallly fun!

    The tuba player would have a fun time

    A nice piece! I imagine it will fit in very well with the game you are composing for! I enjoyed it very much.

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    Re: "Campfire Stories", a song for a game

    Very good writing and orchestration. I think you have an excellent piece there even apart from your gaming music needs. This would make a great to piece to score for live performance as well.



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    Re: "Campfire Stories", a song for a game

    Regardless of the gaming aspect and just listening to
    this as an independent work -- what a cool piece!

    Very well done; ingenious orchestrative and percussive
    writing... a curious but highly successful blend of
    elements; and very well written and thought out.

    Great job on this.



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    Re: "Campfire Stories", a song for a game

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you like it

    The percussions I used are from a set of chinese drum samples I have. I didn't intend to give the song the "hihat" drums, but when I did, I decided to keep it as it gave the song a bit more upbeat atmosphere. And judging by your comments, it was a wise choice to keep them :P

    I'll be posting two other songs I made for the same game, "Training" and "Quelled". Feel free to take a listen, and please give me your comments!

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    Re: "Campfire Stories", a song for a game

    Keep 'em coming!

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    Re: "Campfire Stories", a song for a game

    Very nicely done. I like the two energy levels at times. For example at 1:01 to 1:35 the strings (slow) against wind/percussion (faster). Thanks for sharing.
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