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Topic: GPO standalone fails

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    GPO standalone fails

    The setup:

    MidiKeybrd connected to PC Audio Midi Input (M-Audio 2496);
    Loaded GPO standalone, Settings: input MIDI the soundcard, output MIDI the soundcard again. Loaded instruments: Multi: Cellos and Basses KS

    The system is running under XP Pro.

    The moment I hit a key on the MidiKeybrd (Oberheim MC1000) windows tells me that it wants to send out an errorreport and finished GPO.

    What's wrong with the setup or the program GPO?


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    Re: GPO standalone fails

    An addendum:

    File/Settings: Outputs Garritan PO 1 --> Analogue output soundcard
    MidiInterface Input Midiport (IN) of the soundcard
    Output none

    Loaded an instrument. Whichever, this is not important

    As soon as I hit a blue key on the screen with the mouse: GPO fails in Windows (asking to send out an errorreport).

    Is it the heat or some lack of cold beer?


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    Re: GPO standalone fails

    ... not anymore. I did a full uninstall (Studio and GPO stand alone) and re-installed it again, leaving the already present multis and 9. Notation (library) at their place (where they were in the original setup).

    Now I can input notes (playback) via my Midi keyboard. Don't know what happened with some crucial files. I spent the whole afternoon looking for the error and didn't find it, until I decided to re-install everything.

    So.... guys, continue having a cold beer, or a refreshin swim, good old Raymond (62 years old...) did it again :-)


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