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Topic: Help about legato

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    Help about legato

    No legato !

    I use both GPO and JABB with cubase SE. When sequencing, both wheel and pitch controls work fine. However with Sostenuto CC24 pedal well recorded and visible on Cubase key editor I cannot hear (and do not see on wave exported file) any legato despite appropriate "no sustain sostenuto operation but midi controller option". If I choose normal sustain, the sustain works properly. Same problem with Finale 2006

    I must do something wrong.

    Can anybody help ?



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    Re: Help about legato

    Legato is CC 64 (sustain pedal).
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    Re: Help about legato


    Thank you for your prompt answer

    Sorry for the typo. I do use CC64 and in the CubaseSE editor it is named Sustain.

    Any suggestion


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    Re: Help about legato

    Make sure the notes overlap. Otherwise no legato.

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    Smile Re: Help about legato

    Thanks Nickie


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