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Topic: "Training", another song for a game

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    "Training", another song for a game

    I was asked to make the background song for one of the earlier parts of a tactical roleplaying game. This song will play when the main character, a faun, teaches the two orphans (who consider him as their father) how to fight. This will also a tutorial to teach the player how the controls work.


    It's a very short loop, only 1:07, but hopefully the tutorial part won't last all that long. I appreciate all comments

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    Re: "Training", another song for a game

    Very strong work in this. Well done!

    May I suggest you seriously consider working with developing
    this into a formal piece.

    Games may pay the bills (quite well, too, I hear, if you hit it

    But it is quite clear to me from your postings thus far that
    your skills can take you far, far further than that, artistically.

    My best,


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    Re: "Training", another song for a game

    Yery nice writing, strong opening and certainly giving the impression that you were after. I would like to hear this developed into a full length work.



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    Re: "Training", another song for a game

    Good job. Lots of drama and energy with balance... Definitely conjures up images you spoke of...

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