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Topic: Is DPDAN OK?

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    Is DPDAN OK?

    St. Louis, MO has been hit recently with horrible storms and high temps. The wind a few days ago was 80 mph and the temperatures have risen to 107 degres.

    Dan lives in close proximity to St. Louis and I pray that he is OK and able to do his work. Many folks (about 55 per cent) are without power so their food, etc. spoiled and has caused hunger in the area.

    Red Cross centers and other organizations are helping out by providing "cool" centers and food.

    Hope our good friend and magnificent audio engineer is well and free of any damage.

    Hang in there, Dan.

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    Re: Is DPDAN OK?

    Apparently yes, thank heaven!

    According to this post:


    his power was knocked out, but otherwise nothing serious for him personally.

    I hope everybody'll say a prayer or hold a good thought or whatever it is you do
    for the folks out there who took it pretty hard.


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    Re: Is DPDAN OK?


    Stay safe and stay cool

    You are welcome to hang at Orcas if you need a place.


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    Re: Is DPDAN OK?

    I have recently had some comunique with DPDAN and can tell you that, "the whole world's crazy but DAN's aright!"

    Hang in there Dan! Remember what Ye 'ol Red Eye the Walleye Pirate said! "Sick yar poker in yonder plank and hope far the best, mates"!

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    Re: Is DPDAN OK?

    It's all good! Thanks for your concern everyone.

    I was so embarrased when our Mayor requested help from the National Guard. When I consider what those poor folks in New Orleans and Mississippi went through, and the folks with the tsunamis, what we had was nothing in comparison. OK we had similar wind as a hurricane, but I realize there are gobs of people that had nowhere to go, and many did not have electric. When it's 100 degrees outside at midinight, it's impossible to sleep. So, I guess it was a good idea for the governor to ask for assistance with cooling centers, as well as food. My nice grocery store was running on a generator. All the dairy, meat and frozen products in the store were thrown out. Quick Trips were open without electricity, and accepting cash only. My home is still without power, it has been four days now. On Thursday I had to throw out everything in my refrigerator and freezer. But I am blessed, I still have PEPSI

    Sparky and I have been staying with my parents, they live just ten minutes away, and their power was restored Thursday morning. I just loaned my generator to a friend's family that is still without power. I called a ton of stores, Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, Sams Club and Costco and they are all sold out of generators. Good thing, because I probably would have bought one for my friend. Let's hope my parent's power doesn't go out again before I get my generator back The traffic is horendous without traffic lights.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for your concerns and prayers/thoughts!!!


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