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Topic: Volume constantly resets to 12 on horns

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    Volume constantly resets to 12 on horns


    I'm finding the volume is constantly moved to 12 (full) on all the horn parts - even when there is no midi data for main volume written in. If i set the main volume to 80 (which seems to correspond to 0 on the kompakt dials) then it's fine until i stop playback - then - unless i play it right back from the start, or manually tweak the main volume again, it blares out at 12!

    I know it is necessary to set the mod wheel to hear notes, but is it also necessary to constantly input main volume data to keep it at one level?? I'm sure I'm missing something, as it seems odd to reset to 12 anyway - ideally, i would like the main volume to be something i can adjust from the kompakt player for mixing purposes.

    Any help much appreciated!

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    Re: Volume constantly resets to 12 on horns

    Make sure you have your preferences set to "chase controllers" in your sequencer. If all else fails, turn off the cc7 option in the player and set relative levels with the volume knob for each instrument in the player. These settings will be saved with the song file.


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    Talking Re: Volume constantly resets to 12 on horns

    Hi, thanks Tom - for this and the reply to the question about cc64 in cubase. Had to get a couple of soundalikes out the door in a rush, couldn't have done it without the JABB! It's still taking me hours to program each part convincingly - never used a sample library with so many midi parameters! - but definitely looking forward to getting more familiar with it.

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