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Topic: GS3 "Polyphony" settings?

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    GS3 "Polyphony" settings?

    I'm still trying, unsuccessfully, to get TBO/7CG to load.

    My system should handle them just fine -- 2GB of RAM, Memory Preset 4, yielding 66%. Windows is all tweaked up per musicxp.net.

    There's nothing but Cubase and GS3 (v3.12) on this system.

    These troubles are detailed, generally, in another thread in the "Virtual Instruments" subforum.


    What I want to ask about here, is what possible role the GS3 "polyphony" settings might have no my abnility to load the 17 files comprising each TBO (.gsi) instrument.


    I can enter a "Max. Polyphony" of anything up to about 5,863. I thought that the number should be set as high as my CPU will allow, so that I can play heavily-sustained piano, or multi-stacked instruments. Is that too high? Should I consider anything other than the CPU meter?


    Is there such a thing as a "best" split between (1) "memory used for streaming samples" and (2) "memory used for loading instruments"?

    I've tried to drop the "streaming samples" memory down to 2% to maximize the amount of memory that can be used to load TBO/7CG, although I have no idea what the effects of different (1)/(2) splits would be on my ability to load or play TBO/7CG.

    I am staring at the Giga User's Manual section on polyphony right now, but I have no idea how different settings will effect real-life performance.


    Can anybody offer a quick-style explanation of how to decide what *my* best "polyphony" settings are?

    Thanks everyone!!
    — alanb




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    Re: GS3 "Polyphony" settings?

    Hi Alan,

    Just two quick thoughts from me... I wouldn't crank the polyphony all the way up to "11". =-) I set something a little more conservative, as Giga is much more graceful when it hits my set limit of 450 voices than it is when it actually runs out of processor headroom. This is on a Asus P4P800E-Deluxe motherboard, 2 Gb of RAM, and a 3.2GHz P4 CPU.

    Where your RAM settings are concerned, at least in my experience with my machine and dozens like them (I've used the above platform for years), I find that the presets in the RAM configurator are successively twitchier the higher the preset. That is, you're more likely to get crashes, pops, clicks and "bad" behaviour with a higher numbered preset like Preset 4, than you would with Preset 2. You may lose 1% of your total available RAM, but it's a good trade, IMHO.

    Good luck!

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