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Topic: Ethnic Music.

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    Ethnic Music.

    Hello Friends,

    Can you all please take some time to post the link to Ethnic Music you have done and is available on the net for downloading[for free].

    I'm just compiling a list of tracks I can get on my pod for listening pleasure.


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    Re: Ethnic Music.

    The combination of the title of this thread and message content just made me laugh out loud for about 25 seconds in an empty room.

    And i have absolutely no idea why.

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    Re: Ethnic Music.

    Yes, this is pretty funny. I was laughing for a while myself. But again I can relate. I do have lots and lots of demos, and people posting their works burned to CD for my own listening pleasure. And I also use it as a learning tool for my own works. But again, this is really a funny way to request for free music. I hope we get some postings and links, because I will be downloading it myself, for free.


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    Re: Ethnic Music.

    I only left the word ethnic in the post

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    Re: Ethnic Music.

    I don't mind sharing some music. Of course it's free to listen to, but not to use for any commercial projects.
    Gyil's Song
    Lost World
    Dane Hawkes DiAnda
    C. I. Studios

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