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Topic: Notes sticking

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    Notes sticking

    Hi - I bought GPO a week or so ago, but it keeps misbehaving when I try and use it from my Yamaha DX7 keyboard. Notes keep sticking on - they continue to sound, and the screen keyboard has the actual key shown stuck down. This problem is intermittent....... Usually the only way to cancel the note is to move the cursor onto it and click the mouse..... occasionally actually tapping the DX7 key repeatedly will cancel it. Other times I can press keys and nothing happens ! - No note sounds. I don't know what's causing it as everything seems to work fine from another keyboard. Is it a faulty MIDI circuit in the DX7 ? - or is there a mis-matching problem with the early version of MIDI that the DX7 has ? - Could it be incompatible ?Richard

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    Re: Notes sticking

    This is strictly a wild guess.

    But it sounds like the DX7 is not transmitting "note off" information.
    I'm unfamiliar with the DX7; but I think I'd start by digging into
    the manual for it on this specific aspect.

    It also might possibly be something with the sustain pedal on the DX7;
    or the settings for it.



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