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Topic: "Holiday Mindset" (GPO/JABB Version)

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    "Holiday Mindset" (GPO/JABB Version)

    It's been a few months since I made the time to do any sequencing. Just been busy with other projects. Well, I've been wanting to GPOize and JABBize this one piece that I wrote in 2002. So I did. It is a piece written for a couple of winter holiday videos that I made as presents that year. (These two different videos using the same music were for two different "audiences".)

    It's a simple melody with a simple chord progression in a simple song-like form structure (AABAish). Nothing fancy. Nothing shmancy. Just nice. It was composed with friends and family in mind for a holiday season. I listen to it many times just to relax and reminence. I'm a very sentimental person, I guess, who enjoys thinking about past pleasant memories. This "song" does this for me.

    It's all 100% Garritan with GPO and JABB. I cheated a little bit with the Tubular Bell sounds and extended its range using the Kontakt program. When I wrote the music, I used a jazz cheat-sheet "style" of writing: melody with chord progression written above. The original 2002 "orchestration" was sequenced off the top of my head. Nothing was planned or written down except for the cheat sheet. (I did this before I grew interest in actually learning how to properly orchestrate, which I'm still learning how to do. ) When I re-sequenced it using GPO and JABB, I kept faithful to the 2002 "orchestration"/arrangment. I did fine-tune the harp part, though.

    I hope the music puts you in a "happy place". That is the sole intention of the piece.

    Holiday Mindset - GPO-JABB Version

    Here's a WMV file of one of the videos using the original version of the music. Warning, you might need to lower the volume to your speakers. I was experimenting with compression and kind of over did it. Oops. The more interesting part of the video is towards the end. You'll meet "Bob" and "he" still makes me giggle.

    2002 Holiday Video for Allnurses.com

    Happy composing folks.

    Warm regards to you all. . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: "Holiday Mindset" (GPO/JABB Version)

    Wow, very Holiday-ish. I really enjoyed this. I really miss the snow out here in Arizona. Reminds me of a Charlie Brown Holiday cartoon... Great job...

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    Re: "Holiday Mindset" (GPO/JABB Version)


    Nice video production. The music works well for it and the GPO/JABB version is equally good!!



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    Re: "Holiday Mindset" (GPO/JABB Version)

    Very nice, Theodore!

    Pleasant, original progressions and good melodies. You did a fine job!

    My best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: "Holiday Mindset" (GPO/JABB Version)

    Very enjoyable, Ted. The music and the video. I did something interesting when watching. I brought up Media Player and muted it then brought up Winamp and played the GPO/JABB version of your song. It was a perfect match. Thanks for sharing,
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    Re: "Holiday Mindset" (GPO/JABB Version)

    Hi Ted:

    Great Holiday presentation with some really fine music to make it come "alive." Your orchestration and mixing has greatly improved since the first version and since it really shows, keep at it. Sometimes we don't recognize improvement as we study, but a historical recording from time to time really shows it if it's there........and yours is unequivocally there.

    Nice Holiday melody and everything to go with it, Ted.

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    Re: "Holiday Mindset" (GPO/JABB Version)

    Ted, this is really beautifully done. Tastefully restrained;
    discrete, highly effective orchestration; wonderful work
    with melody; and really astute management of progression,
    cadence, and transition... quiet, hopeful, contemplatively
    cheerful, and -- just plain gorgeous.

    Thank you for the pleasure of this piece.


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    Re: "Holiday Mindset" (GPO/JABB Version)

    Folks. Thank you so much for taking the time for the listen. It's gratefully appreciated.

    Michael - Where in Arizona do you live? My wife has a brother and his family that live near Mesa. I like the snow of winter too. I live in up-state, New York. I love the four seasons that are found in this neck of the woods. Our home is surrounded by trees and hills. When it snows, the landscape is beautifully painted white.

    Gary - I'm glad that you enjoyed the listen and the video. The "video" that you saw was my first ever attempt at computer-based "video editing". It's rough. But there's a lot of sentimentality attached to it. DV editing is a nice hobby. I'm afraid my modest attempt at video editing will never get past "rough". LOL.

    Larry! Thank you so much for the listen and most kind words!! I hope all is well with you. Healing thoughts your way, Larry!

    Thank you, Bill, for the listen! I kept the tempo of the GPO/JABB version the same as the original. The ritards. might not be exact. Interesting that it should still sync up. Cool!

    Jack - Thank you for noticing some growth with the orchestration and mix down. I will never consider myself a sound engineer. I appreciate the skill and talent that goes into producing a nicely recorded and mixed project, though. Although I would hire a Pro to do any serious recording and mixing down (which does not happen often - LOL!), I do enjoy that part of the process of producing music with my personal compositions. Like the video thing, it's another pleasant hobby that will probably never progress beyond "rough". LOL! I am looking forward to making the time to seriously study orchestration. Hopefully, not too long from now, I'll dedicate some time for the Garritan orchestration studies. Interestingly, I never took formal orchestration in music college, 25+ years ago. Wish it was offered back then. But there's no time like the present.

    David - Thank you, too, for the listen! It seems like you enjoyed the piece. I appreciate your input regarding the composition itself. And I'm very humbled and honored by your positive comments. Thank you.


    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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