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Topic: Rewire channel availability and Polyphony

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    Question Rewire channel availability and Polyphony

    I have a two-fold question. Does installing the v3.12 patch automatically upgrade rewire to 256 from 64 channels? All the print I've read refers to v3.0 and 64 channels. If not, how do I get that upper limit? Secondly, I loaded some material from another version of Sonar and immediately checked diagnostics and found my available polyphony had dropped from 5868 to -1. No instruments loaded or anything other than a midi file into Sonar. I know I have some settings wrong but don't know which. Can anyone help the rookie?

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    Unhappy Re: Rewire channel availability and Polyphony

    I forgot to mention the latency issue. With this configuration it says I'm getting 23 msec/1024 samples thru GSIF hardware and 46 msec/2048 samples thru the ReWire application. I'm using the M-Audio Audio Delta 1010. Could it be the soundcard? I hope not since it's the second since installing GS3. All I know is when I key a sound it's awhile before It sounds. And that's with only Larry Seyer's drum kit loaded. I have eight outs going to the Mackie mixer. If I need to provide more info please let me know. As the young folks say, man, Giga is a trip. I still believe. I know it's something I'm not doing right. Kinda like knowing which buttons to push on your lady. This is a new one and I'm still learning.

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    Re: Rewire channel availability and Polyphony

    Rewire Application?

    I know that Cubase has a setting that provides a significant latency offset/reduction.

    If you are using Cubase and don't know what I'm talking about, let me know and I'll poke around in my settings and try to be more specific...
    — alanb




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    Re: Rewire channel availability and Polyphony

    Alan, I'm using Sonar 4 Producer Edition. I have Cubase 3.1 I believe. I've just always used Cakewalk since Pro 7. Gotta solve this latency issue soon or I won't be able to use this live. Going out to eat. I deserve it after all these headaches! I'll research some more when I get back. Thanks for answering.

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    Re: Rewire channel availability and Polyphony

    Okay, here's where to look in Cubase (assuming, of course, that your sound card looks the same as mine in this part of Cubase)...

    Follow the pull-down menus until you get to:

    Devices ---> Device Setup ---> VST Audiobay

    Once you get there, you should see a box with a little pull-down arrow with the name of an audio driver in it. To the right it should say "Master ASIO Driver."

    Underneath that, it should say

    Total Input Latency: __.___ms
    Total Output Latency: __.___ms

    With my MOTU, I have three options, which I can access by clicking on that little down-arrow...
    "DirectX ASIO" (which gave me readings of 46.440ms in each direction);

    "ASIO Multimedia Driver" (110.00 Input, 749.932 Output), and

    "MOTU PCI ASIO" (a relatively mangeable 12.109ms in each direction).
    Obviously, you should start by selecting the driver that gives you the lowest latency numbers.


    Then you should see a button marked "Expert..." below all that.

    When I click that button (and, hopefully, when you do too), there are two drop-down boxes and three check boxes.

    My drop-down boxes read as follows:

    "Audio Priority" = "Very High"
    "Preload Amount" = "6 Seconds"

    You can try different settings to see if anything helps.

    I have all three check boxes checked:

    "Lower Latency," "Multi Processing" and "Adjust for Record Latency."

    I'm guessing that the middle box should only be checked if you are running a dual-core or dual-processor machine (mine is dual-core, so I have it checked). I'd suggest trying to check both of the other boxes if they aren't checked already.

    You may have tried all this already... Hope that this is even the tiniest bit helpful...
    — alanb




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    Re: Rewire channel availability and Polyphony

    Thanks for the help Alan. Although you're using a different product, it still guided me to the right source. I went into the drivers for the M-Audio interface and updated them. Then into Sonar where I found I was using WDM drivers instead of ASIO as was suggested. At least the latency is matching now for both GSIF and rewire. I'll just play with them some more till I get it down. Thanks again.

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    Unhappy Re: Rewire channel availability and Polyphony

    Well, I got the GSIF latency down to 5msec but the rewire latency is still at 46. I've gone into the audio options in Sonar and changed the latency settings in the M-Audio card. I may have it set too low 'cause I'm getting a pop-up about the audio engine shutting down and how to research the problem. I can play with that to fix it. Now I just need some options to fix the latency in the re-wire app. I'm going to take my blood pressure medication, lie down and wait for some suggestions. I wonder if it could have something to do with configuring plug-ins? Man I miss the days when I could just clip a little vox box on my belt and a mike to the bell of my trumpet and sound like three instruments at once. People thought that was unique. Wha' happened?

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