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Topic: Help with GSIF 2.0

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    Help with GSIF 2.0

    I have an RME DIGI96/8 PST audio card in a computer running XP Pro SP/2. I have Giga 3.12 Orchestra installed. I can't seem to get the GSIF 2 drivers working. I've spoken with RME and it is GSIF 2 compatible, but when I update the drivers I still get GSIF 1.7 in the system card settings. I've booted up in safe mode and deleted any digi96 references in regedit and trieed to re-install, but still get GSIF 1.7. I have the latest RME drivers installed. Any help with this is much appreciated.

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    Re: Help with GSIF 2.0

    I've never heard of GSIF 1.7. Is that what Giga is reproting?

    Having GSIF 2 only matters if you need to feed external audio streams back through the Giga mixer.

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    Re: Help with GSIF 2.0


    Hello, yes, this is what Giga is reporting as the driver(1.7). I'm trying to get the 2 inputs into the Giga mixer, but can't without the GSIF 2.0 driver. I've spoken to RME about this and have tried everything they suggested but still can't get it to see the 2.0 driver and I have no inputs (It does show 8 outputs). Thanks,


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