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Topic: JAMES BOND - action cue

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    JAMES BOND - action cue

    Hey folks,

    i recently made an experiment with some samples on a short and old james bond action scene... please tell me your opinions on the samples and the mixing - thanks

    until soon
    Bernardo Uzeda

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    Re: JAMES BOND - action cue

    Nice cue Bernardo. Both the samples and mix sound great on my computer.

    What samples did you rely on primarily - sounded like there were a lot of nice FX samples in there - really added to the overall sound.


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    the samples

    Hey Matt, thanks for the compliments!

    all i used was from Quantum Leap Symphonic Platinum PRO XP (with the exception of the loungelizard3 rhodes and NI Akoustik Piano)

    percussions: rototons / gongs/ sticks

    10 cello section with keyswitches
    11 violin section fx (glisses, psycho runs)
    muted trumpets cresc fx
    french horn glisses fx

    mixing this stuff is a bit tricky cause EWQLSO samples has multiples mics with different distances - thanks for taking the time to listen

    bernardo uzeda

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