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Topic: Black Grand downloads

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    Black Grand downloads

    Hi, does anyone know if the Sampletekk Black Grand Downloads are 16 and 24 bit or either? And if I download what is the experience you've had with Macs. Is there a Mac download version?

    Would like to know thanks.

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    Re: Black Grand downloads

    Black Grand download is 44.1/24 in GS3, Kontakt, HALion and EXS24 formats (all of them, together). It's a sample library, not a virtual instrument. If your sampler will read one of those formats on the Mac then Black Grand is Mac-compatible. I use the Kontakt version on the Mac.


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    Re: Black Grand downloads

    Thanks Amy, that's all I needed to know. Yeh I understand about the softsynth thing, I already have Sampletekk stuff, just was'nt sure of what bit depth the download material was. Again thanks for replying and clearing that up.

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    Re: Black Grand downloads

    Thanks for answering! Need any more info?

    Arf, arf, arf...

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