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Topic: SCSI Question

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    Exclamation SCSI Question

    My question has to do with using SCSI cards to load sounds to hardware samplers like E-MU and Akai. I just purchased GigaStudio 3 and realized the learning curve is just too big to reasonably expect to be up and running with it in a month or two. Especially never having used software samplers. My project requires strings and harps etc. I'd like to use two E-MUs and one Akai and load them from the computer. Can anyone tell me what I'm going to need and possibly where to get it? That'll keep me from having to lug those extra drives. Also I have Translator Pro. Can that help me? The samplers use a 50 pin centronics connection. I saw an ad for a duel 50 but it wasn't centronics. Will it work with an adaptor? I'm asking all this because I usually run out of my printer port to a MOTU MidiTimePiece AV, then to each sampler. Each sampler's fed by Barracuda drives. Need something more centralized that'll load banks faster. If I put all the sounds I need into the two 128 meg E-MUs, it takes too long to load. If this'll work I can break everything into smaller banks that'll load faster. Thanks

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    Re: SCSI Question

    Is there no one? Have dinasaurs been dead that long?

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