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Topic: Help Me Name This Piece!

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    Question Help Me Name This Piece!

    Help me name this piece, please.


    I could really use some help here. The music came to me pretty easily, but now, I don't know what to call this darn thing!

    Also, how does the portamento sound to ya'll. To me it sounds like a keyboard... How I wish I had the strad for this one!! Anyway, if anyone has some advice on how to make GPO sound more realistic, then I would be much obliged. (not that I'm complaining about GPO... it is just that strad sounds better! )


    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Help Me Name This Piece!

    Well, for more realistic strings, you should read Tom Hopkins' tutorials on legato & sustain. You can get some very good results using key switching, but it is a bit tedious. The basic idea is careful use of the sustain pedal and slight, careful overlapping, which I achieve by setting all notes to play at about 102% of length. This is easy in Sonar, but I have no idea about other software.

    I have not yet listened to your piece, because of download speed (lack of) but I will do so shortly, while I recover from a strange effect of the heat. I am mildly ill from getting too cold! I can not tolerate a quick temperature change or a cold breeze, and I had some difficulty avoiding the fans tonight. So I cut back the fans in this room, and will sit and warm up while downloading!


    Added: Oops! can't listen to it, streaming will not work here. Sorry 'bout that.

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    Re: Help Me Name This Piece!

    I'm not the greatest with naming pieces of music, but if I had written this, I'd call it Poinsettia ... just because that's what the music makes me think of ... it sounds red.

    The portamento sounds nice to me! I have never tried myself to achieve the effect with the solo violins in GPO, but your portamento sounds natural in the piece, not interruptive, annoying, or disturbing as I'd imagine they would sound were I to try to use them.

    Very nice work, I really enjoyed this piece! The melodies are quite catchy.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Help Me Name This Piece!

    Can't help you with a title - my working titles are usually "slow", "fast", and then when the work is finished, I'm unable to think of any other way to call it!

    Which violin are you using for the solo? Have you tried fiddling (sorry) with the others? For my ears the Gagliano is the warmest of the solo patches - now that may be my inexperience at sequencing speaking...

    Nice piece - liked the use of the tremolo, as it's a technique that can be a real cliche. You handled it well.

    R. Pearl

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    Re: Help Me Name This Piece!


    Sorry you were unable to hear it, and thank you for the advice.


    Poinsettia? Hmmm... Well, I have my first suggestion, and I like it. It will be interesting to see what other people think up. I do not like the dry titles of so many classical pieces... of course, your impression of the music is then not colored by the title. Perhaps, I should just call it a concerto or whatever the proper label would be? Anyway, Sean, thank you for the comments about my portamento. I was experimenting with using more CC's and thought what sounds more violin-esque than a bit of slideing around. I can hear the slides (I play guitar...I'm always slideing around the neck!) better than I can program them. If they don't sound to un-natural, then I guess, they turned out pretty well!

    R. Pearl,

    I am using the Strad KS solo. I normally use the Gagliano, but I thought that I needed one with a bit more bite. There certainly is a world of difference between the GPO strad and the Strad strad. Perhaps I'm strad-dling the fence on this, but I may go back and try a version using the Gagliano. (sorry about the bad pun, but after your "fiddle" comment I could not let it go un-pun-nished) LOL

    Thank you one and all for your comments, ideas, suggestions, and for listening to my little bit of something!

    Last edited by Prowland; 07-24-2006 at 09:45 AM. Reason: leaving out letters... again! LOL

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Thumbs up Re: Help Me Name This Piece!

    Paul. I don't have much time to give you a technical analysis however, I agree a bit with your assumption pertaining to the portabella strings. Geezzzzz Paul give yourself a break, man! I love it! Sure, you can do this and do that but I hear the ideas not just the technical carp! I would love to hear you take it further, yes? No? Maybe?
    As for a title ... hmm, let's see .......... "Looking In" or "Looking Out". Just felt as if I was looking in at something new and interesting. Whateva, I am sure you'll find the right title. Could be, "Tip Toe"? Or, King Kong dances with Paula Abdul?
    OK, sorry ... just your piece is so interesting it makes me feel happy inside.

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    Re: Help Me Name This Piece!


    Thanks, man. As you know, it is easy to get caught up in the minutia (I'm sure I mispelled that one!! ) That is one of the great things about this forum... when you start getting bogged down in the details, you can post it here and get a good wake up slap. What it really come down to are the notes in relation to each other, not whether or not CC20 was in the perfect spot. I know that whenever I have played music in public... I notice every imperfection... no one else really does. All they hear is the music. Thank you, Styxx, for making me take a step back and listen to the piece... not the individual notes.

    "Looking In"
    "Looking Out"
    "Tip Toe"
    "King Kong dances with Paula Abdul"

    I do not know about the rest of you, but I'm leaning towards "King Kong dances with Paula Abdul". Reminds me of Frank Zappa. I, for one, miss Frank.

    Anyway, thank you, Styxx

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Help Me Name This Piece!

    I know it is wrong, but I posted again to put this thread on top again. I only got a couple of names... and I was hoping for more tips on the portamento front! I know this was rude to do. I'm sorry...

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Help Me Name This Piece!


    Interesting piece with some nifty twists and turns. When I first heard it I thought of a title "Snowstorm". Having heard the rest of it maybe "King Kong, Paula and Frank In A Snowstorm"

    In any case it deserves a northworthy title.



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    Re: Help Me Name This Piece!


    My list grows!!! BWA-Ha-Haaaa! My eeeevil scheme is to get everyone to think up one super-eeeevil-obnoxious name for my song! And by doing so, I will transplant the very soul of Frank Zappa into my... FENDER STRATOCASTOooooR!!!


    P.S. Thanks, Gary... Snowstorm really is a good title.

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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