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Topic: "Captive" Festival Premiere

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    "Captive" Festival Premiere

    One of my short films is in a festival!

    "Captive" will premiere at the Action on Film Festival this Saturday, June 29, in Long Beach, CA, at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. Showtime is 1PM in the Center Theater.

    It has also been nominated for Best Dramatic Short!!!

    I wrote the score primarily with GPO, but also included a little Roland, and a little Silver, and also used some live elements. The choir is two of my friends and me doing a lot of overdubs. I also perform all the oboe parts.

    There are some cues posted on my site: www.houseofblackbirds.com.

    Sorry that I haven't had time to set up direct links, for those that prefer it. I hope to get that set up tonight.


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    Re: "Captive" Festival Premiere


    Amazing stuff here!! I am trying to score my first film right now... sadly, I can only work off the script as no footage has been shot. Anyway, this is great stuff, and blows me out of the water. If you could give me any pointers, that would be great.

    Like I said, I will be listening to more of your stuff! Excellent!

    Thank you,

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: "Captive" Festival Premiere

    Many congratulations, Joe!


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    Re: "Captive" Festival Premiere

    Thank you, David! It was a lot of hard work at the time, but it's exciting that now, more than a year later, it is finally finding some exposure. It's a really good film, and I'm excited for people to see it. It's like the kid finally going away to school. Sad that I won't be able to actually attend (I'm playing for a friend's wedding that day).

    Paul, working from a script is really difficult. I really hope they provide you something soon, even if it's a few rough cut scenes. Although it's not a bad thing when you are just improvising themes and trying to come up with an overall feeling for the score, trying to do anything that requires timing is nearly impossible. Way back when, I wrote music for a few theatrical productions and tried to guess how the actors were going to play a scene, and time all these moments throughout the dialogue. That was insane. I have no idea how I made it through that.

    With the lack of a script, I've found that meeting the actors, going to a read-through, looking at costumes or sets, looking through story boards, watching movies that inspired the filmmakers, listening to music the filmmakers like for a scene. Those are all really useful things for finding the soul of the film.

    Maybe this is the pirate in me, but I've found that filmmakers sometimes don't always know what is best for a scene. Or maybe the music they like is really not the right dynamic. If they did know, they wouldn't have hired a composer (read: expert, musical supergenius (well, that's what we are, aren't we? (rrrrrright...))), but the other thing to keep in mind is that it is a collaborative art and there is art also in collaboration. That does at times mean compromise, sometimes you have to suck it up and do what they want even when you know it's not a good decision. But sometimes the process takes you to a whole new place that neither you or the director would have arrived independently. Those amazing moments when you really feel like an artist, make all the other sucky ones worth it.

    The problem I have is everytime I have started with a script, the final movie is never as good as I picture it. (I would have done this scene differently! I never would have cast that guy, he can't act his way out of a paper bag! I would have shot the scene like this!) Hmm... Maybe I should try directing sometime.

    Well, I'm not sure if that was helpful or not. But if you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them, either here, or you can contact me privately (info is on my site).


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    Re: "Captive" Festival Premiere

    Congratulations Joe

    Hope the the premiere of Captive is wildly successful. A nomination is certainly a nice way for a film to enter a festival

    I listened to the cues on your site.The music is just fantastic! So diverse and imaginitive! If the film just matches the music, you have a winner for sure.

    Thanks for letting us know and let us know how everything turns out.

    Gary Garritan

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