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Topic: Sib/GPO Controllers Don't Work!

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    Exclamation Sib/GPO Controllers Don't Work!

    I am using Sib 4.1 with the GPO crossgrade because I had already owned the full GPO library when I got 4.1. But try as I may, none of the midi controller messages work for me as documented in the GPO Sibelius Edition User Guide.

    In short, I enter a ~C technique expression (and yes, I am entering it correctly; captial C, contoller number, comma, value, etc.), but nothing changes in the Kontakt Gold player (which, btw, you can have open and watch for changes as the score plays).

    Volume and pan changes work, both those that are entered as Midi technique expressions and those made manually in the Mixer, but *not* controller changes such as Length, Var1, Var2, BDFund, etc.

    Now here's the kicker. It's not as if Sibelius playback is ignoring them. If I play the score out through a midi channel into Garritan Studio, guess what? Yep! All of the control changes occur as programmed in my score.

    So it would seem that, for some reason, it's the Kontakt Gold Player that is not responding to these control messages.

    Again, I am using the CrossGrade version. Is it possible that my full GPO set really isn't encoded properly to work with Kontakt Gold is this area?

    Please help me solve this mystery! (Gary, are you out there?)



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    Re: Sib/GPO Controllers Don't Work!

    I don't think the Sibelius Kontakt user interface player responds visibly to these. It is only intended as a playback engine. Not a visual one.

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    Re: Sib/GPO Controllers Don't Work!

    Thanks. I do believe you are correct.

    But isn't that silly? If Volume, Pan, controllers move, than why not the others? Oh, well...

    BTW, I did try yopur Sound Set busting tidbit, and it works like a charm. Have you figured out any other tricks, like:

    how to break the peak volume ceiling? Setting it to 127, for example, only puts the player to little more than the halfway point. I know Sib is probably trying to protect us from overload, but hey, I think we're all grown-ups here, capable of handling volume. (I think it might be that decimal number in the instument file located in the individual GPO sound set folders, but I'm not sure)


    how to set volume, pan, and distance in the sound set files so that we don't always have to do it in the Mixer, which is clumsy to say the least.



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    Re: Sib/GPO Controllers Don't Work!

    Re: volume. Are you sure you have all of the volume controls set where you want? There's the Sibelius mixer, the kontakt volume control, the mod wheel if you are using GPO (or the expresion text which sets the mod wheel). Check your playback dictionary to make sure fff is set to 127. And then the computer volume controls and whatever hardware you are using. Lots of opportunity for problems with volume.

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    Re: Sib/GPO Controllers Don't Work!


    I checked out the Kontakt Gold Player, but the only volume controls I found on it were the ones for each of the slots (no master volume), which in turn are controlled by the mixer; i.e., if you change them, they reset back to the mixer volume settting on playback.


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    Re: Sib/GPO Controllers Don't Work!

    You are right that the internal Sibelius Player volume controls are tied to the mixer. I was referring to an external kontakt player if you are using that.

    I don't think there is a way to decouple the internal player from the mixer.

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