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Topic: macbookpro and QLSO gold on firewire800?

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    macbookpro and QLSO gold on firewire800?

    I've been using dual drive Alienware Ozma M laptop for composing and mastering for 18 months but now I feel it's time to go Macbookpro 2.16Ghz 2Gb RAM 100Gb 7200 SATA Drive.

    But with only one drive where do I put the orchestra library? On a separate partition or will I get better performance from a firewire800 external drive?

    Anyone using a mobile setup like this?

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    Re: macbookpro and QLSO gold on firewire800?

    Definitely put it on an external drive. You'll get better performance if you have the library streaming off a seperate drive than your programs are running. Of course, you still have to wait for a UB version of the plug-in...

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