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Topic: Can't thank Eric enough....

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    Can't thank Eric enough....

    Just got the Ethno Techno expander and I just have to give accolades to Eric and his disciples. You guys never cease to amaze me. All the technical innovation aside, the level of musicanship that is available to me is astounding. When I first auditioned ET I sat for hours loading all the multis and soloing each part and seeing what effects have been added to which parts. Listening to what has been muted. Seeing which have been chaosed.
    I've never heard anything quite like it. If I never use it it's still worth the price just to play it for my friends
    (it makes me look real cool).
    I learn so much from you guys and I just wanted to give a huge thumbs up to Eric and Bashiri for this (along with every other Spectrasonics release) amazing piece of work. Eric is at the absolute top of the heap.

    Long live the King!


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    Re: Can't thank Eric enough....

    Thanks for the very kind words!

    Glad you are enjoying it as much as we did putting it together. :-)


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