Hi everybody!

Since this is freeware i hope this won't be seen as advertising.
Take a look here:

Download dynamitecUltraArp LE v1.0:
(Right click and save)

I did two easy demo presets (Slot 1 und 2). Please see this instrument not as a muscial one it's a technical demonstration. Just use this script with your favourite instrument. I'm not into synthis since i'll do more acoustic music and this script was part of my guitar library (now it replaces my old build in pattern mode). To check it out download it, load it into kontakt and play some chords with 2,3 up to 6 notes. Remeber to check out playrange and keyswitches to make it work together with your keyboard or sequenzer.


+ 10 Presets & Keyswitchs

> Changeable via keyswitch (hold master keyswitch and press a key 1 to 10 notes right to this masterkey)
> Bypass script and preset by pressing master key once. Press again to toggle it on.
> There also is a "Stop Loop" Keyswitch
> All Keyswitches are learnable

+ 16 Steps

> Every step contains a number which represent one note in the incoming chord you play
> You can also trigger the whole chord
> Velocity, Duaration, Ocatave and Send CC as Parameters for each step. (In LE Version parameters for all 6 subpattern are the same.)
> 6 Subpattern, triggered by the numbers of notes you play, so a three note chord will have an other pattern than a four note chord
> Loop Pattern (you can also choose ping pong loop)
> You can copy and paste patterns from one preset to another
> You can copy for example the first 8 notes and than do a fill so the whole pattern will be filled with your first 8 notes.

+ Solo Mix Mode

> If you play single notes pattern stops. if you play a chord pattern starts

+ Retrigger Loop

> On Key
> On Bar, on 1.5 Bars, 2 Bars, etc...
> On Keyswitch

+ Signatures and Tempo

> Patterns are following your time signature if you are working in a sequenzer like Cubase! Very interessting when using "Retrigger on 1.5 Bars" for example. So many different muscial (!) variations can be created with a breeze. And they always fit.

+ Playrange

> You can set the playrange. Choose if notes outside will be bypassed or killed. So you can split your keyboard to a pattern and a solo playrange.

+ Transpose

Transpose single Notes via octave parameter or the whole pattern

Have fun!
Benjamin Stelzer