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Topic: The Future of the Violin?

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    The Future of the Violin?

    Digg reports the following from gizmag.com:
    Ted Brewer violin leaves one in no doubt whether he is a maker of traditional musical instruments. He freely acknowledges that with a world of changing possibilities, it is his duty to explore applying new materials, technology, design and his passion for crafting beautiful instruments to explore the future of the violin....

    Instead of hand-carving his instruments from acrylic block, he took full advantage of the capabilities of GE Plastics' Lexan Visualfx special effects resin to add some stunning visual impact at the same time as moving to injection molding. The use of mainly transparent (mixed with blue and violet) special effects resin also allowed Brewer Violins to incorporate a special illumination feature: the Vivo2 violin has a built-in sound-to-light capability using two vertical banks of super-bright white LEDs. Light pulses along the length of the instrument to complement the music. The Crossbow can be heard here, the Hades can be heard here, and the Vivo2 can be heard here and here.
    Why didn't we think of that - a built-in light show with the Stradivari.

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    Re: The Future of the Violin?

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan

    Why didn't we think of that - a built-in light show with the Stradivari.
    Wait a second, here. You mean the Garritan Strad doesn't
    light up and shoot laser beams around the room and like that?

    Now you tell me!

    I've been pouring through the manuals for days looking for
    that feature...


    Use CC#284 for the strobe effect?

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    Re: The Future of the Violin?

    I don't know why but after reading that, I like the wooden ones even more than i already did.

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    Re: The Future of the Violin?

    Yeah, talked to him yesterday and ordered my refrigerator Cello complete with beer tap and ice maker. Nice for breaks.

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    Re: The Future of the Violin?

    On a more traditional train of thought:

    I play a fiddle made in 1998. With all of the talk about Strads and other WONDERFUL old fiddles, it is important not to forget the modern makers. There are some folks putting out some REALLY fine stuff today. They have some really good ideas and many are very techno-literate. I'd love to see some collaborations between major sample developers and top-class modern instrument makers.

    There are clips on my website of my fiddle and I, if anybody is interested in hearing what one modern violin and violinist can do.

    Gary, if you have any interest in meeting the maker of my fiddle I'd love to introduce you. The violin's name is Kalia (my choice of name) and the instrument was made by Jules Azzi. He was in Brooklyn when I purchased Kalia, but he now works in Cincinnati. He's a very unique and skilled artist.

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