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Topic: Symphonic Poem

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    Symphonic Poem

    The Reach Beyond Tomorrow

    At the above link you can listen to the entire 4 movement work containing the following movements:

    I - Impending Doom
    II - The Journey
    III - Pastorale
    IV - A New Start

    This has been an ongoing two year project that I think is now finished.

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    Re: Symphonic Poem

    This suite has come along superbly, and it's
    a real pleasure to hear all four movements in
    context with each other.

    I sincerely hope you find live performance for
    this, as it's certainly a worthwhile work that
    would be very well received!

    I was particularly impressed with both Impending
    -- innovatively done; and the well balanced,
    punctuative closing, A New Start.

    Great job on this; and an achievement in which
    you can justly take pride.



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