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Topic: Moving the SAGE folder

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    Moving the SAGE folder

    Has anyone encountered any problems with moving their SAGE folder to another drive? My HD is quickly filling up and will soon be out of room on my internal drive (where RMX and all data has been installed).
    I am running on a PC. I have never had any problems with RMX and I'm wondering if I'm asking for trouble.


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    Re: Moving the SAGE folder

    On Both my Mac laptop and PC, I've moved the sage folder several times.

    If you do it right,... there is no problem at all,..

    depending on which platform you use the Spec tech support will hook you up right on how to do it.

    don't sweat it

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    Re: Moving the SAGE folder

    It's quite simple. Just search for "SAGE" in the reference guide for the complete instructions.

    - Glenn

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