I guess my last question had a bad title since no one responded to it, so I will try again. It's frustrating when you can't get something to work and every forum piece you hear by others sounds great (especially the ones that use the mod wheel and try to get an expressive feel to their piece). Anyway, here's the problem:

I guess I had originally posted this in the wrong forum. So, I will try here to see if I can get some feedback.

For a sequencer, I am using Tracktion2. When I solo a track to record mod wheel movements, the sound coming from my speakers is weak and soft. When I play back the track as a soloed track, it sounds a little louder but with minimal volume changes (even if I have moved the mod wheel the full range it can go). However, when I play the track unsoloed with other tracks, it immediately plays very loud and sometimes past distortion.

This has been a problem all along and I have dealt with it by guessing how much to move the mod wheel (without actually hearing it).

Is anyone having this problem also? I have tried it in Cubase 3.5 with the same issues.

Any help would be appreciated.